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Happy Monday!

Sadie doing her own version of Attraction Marketing-she cleaned up!

I should be outlining some new idea I read about this past weekend, or great new tidbit I came across from one of the Attraction Market leaders I respect, people like Ann Sieg or Chris Farrell, both of  whom  I love their customer centered attitude and their overwhelming desire to give- which if I leave you with anything today remember- the Secret to success is GIVING! But today I want to talk about what success will bring you and what it will GIVE to you. FREEDOM!

This past weekend was my son’s 29th birthday and today my Lab Sadie is 7- so I have been immersed in family celebrations instead of messing with my blog or our business though four more people were added to our Visalus team. However we do not have to spend 24/7 on business building, we have the kind of carefree lifestyle to do as we want much like the day to day life of a child the pressure free our time is our own is how we live, and life is darn good security with no worries! So I am able to walk away from the hustle and bustle of all our businesses online and off on any given day. I do not say that to brag but to motivate you as to what you can attain- what is right in your grasp if you want it.

With that in mind this past weekend I did not spend time going over the massive Marketing information I get sent or even spend a great deal of time thinking of more than what we would do for my son and make my dog’s cake and get her gifts wrapped. Because that is why we chose to do business like we do, so we can do just what I did spend our time as we want. Because when it comes down to it money and success are a means to an end of having the luxury of time. We cannot get more we cannot purchase it for any sum of money- we are only allotted so much and we have no idea what amount that is. But the just let out your breath and feel the joy of knowing with yours YOU are the one that chooses how to spend it is so wonderful! I wish all of you to feel that and have that as well.

And if you would like to learn more ways in which you can control your own time and how you too can spend it as you want-while still growing your business because successful people have already learned these key strategies, it’s now your turn- sign up for my Newsletter and I will also send you my Free Marketing Report.


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WE make the future- it is up to each of us what ours will be


To Your Success
Take Care
Sandy Metcalf

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