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Attention! Is the Mobile Money Code a Scam?

I decided today to talk to you about the brand new Mobile Money Code system      Attention! Is the Mobile Money Code a Scam= sandy metcalfcreated by Ronnie Montana. One of the reasons I want to do that is because of the endless offers I keep getting for this “secret invite” only opportunity from people who do not know me, in which you can find this “secret invite” only program all over the net. So if you get an invite into the Mobile Money Code shhhh do not tell anyone :)

There are two main things about this program that concern me past the slick video that looks like they staged a home and paid actors, not that, that would automatically mean that the Mobile Money Code was a scam.

But what bothered me enough to delve into it for you . Is if this was able to do what they claim, if it really worked wouldn’t he use it, not sell it? Or if he did would it not cost big bucks up front to get into?

I mean you do not try and sell a program for 49.99 (call it a pitch-in if you like but it makes no difference it IS a cost) to everyone and his brother, that can make you 1000.00’s a day you want to keep that little secret close to the breast.

Because it really were a secret invite, it would only be circling among the top at this time and it would be coming to me from industry leaders I know, not poorly written carbon copy scripts from people trying to make a living online.

Because you either do or you don’t in this industry you do not try and you do not pay for an email list to blast to strangers “secret” invites. So that was the first red flag there.

Second always comes back to the enormous amounts of money they claim you can make for no work 1000.00’s a day Get REAL! True that Ronnie Montana is a top Clickbank Affiliate and has quite a following but, I will let you do your own homework on him and why he makes so much money- this is not about Clickbank, but the Mobile Money Code and the possibility of instant riches at the push of a few buttons.

There is only one way to make a great deal of money in any business that is put in the time, have the capital to invest and to not give up! If there was another way people would be doing it NOT trying to sell it to you.

And a pet peeve of mine is “I am going to give you”, and this is FREE! And then they add a charge. It may be cleverly disguised, but it is there. Or on the front end they promise you just pay this a month, but get in and you see the real cost  if you want to have a chance at even coming close to the figures that were quoted in the pitch email/video. That is why I tell you to do your homework on the Mobile Money Code. As if it is out there, and the Mobile Money Code is everywhere, someone has written about it and some even tell you what is behind the curtain where the Wizard stands.

Now I have not joined the Mobile Money Code, so I am not one of those. But fellow bloggers have. And I watched the video more than once and read up on it but, Dean Goncalves’s analysis of the video was very enlightening  and mirrors my thoughts so thought I would share. Exerts for Dean’s post in italics:

This video reminds me of the review I did a little while back, about another (push button) system, that was filled with actors (yes..No?) trying to convince us, they weren’t acting

I got the same kind of feel from this program as well…” “He’s talking about other programs hiring actors to talk about systems.. and FAKE gurus etc.. BUT, I’m a little confused… Who is Greg Anderson (main Character) is he real?.. and is this his real daughter? “

money code =sandy metcalf

Dean is right here Greg reminded me of a late night infomercial actor. And his “kids” seem like Barbie Ken Dolls. The “daughter” was overly sweet to “her dad” as was the “son” with the I Love yous and child like sitcom appeal in their own videos that they made for their “parents” to pull at your heart strings- that made me laugh!

Did you believe that after a few simple pushes of a button, the teacher was able to make “$228.66”?

  the money code= sandy metcalf  I fully agree with Dean and it was like Ta’da! She had made money. And of course they only showed us the results not the process, so you decide there.

“My biggest issue, is that it took very little time, knowledge, skills etc.. And ANYONE can do this.. BUT this program CAN’T become public knowledge..(LOL)..why is it all over the Internet then?”

We all feel that, Dean is correct as I said Secret???  Yeah right :) And as far as ease and skill yes I agree.

“if there’s one thing I want you to understand, is that YES, Mobile marketing is profitable,  BUT I have NEVER seen any software do what they {Mobile Money Code} claim..(basically dummy proof) where you simply enter a input some data, with ZERO installation, computer skills, simply push a few buttons, and you make money.”

And Dean is correct there too. Like my mom used to tell me if someone offers you a diamond for ten dollars and tells you it worth much more, you just get a piece of glass that is not worth a dime.

And my personal belief is if they are not up front with ALL cost in order to make a profit when you join a company, they are NOT trustworthy. Some people will make money with the Mobile Money Code. But mostly because of people joining thinking they WILL by the promises implied, but most will not. Only the leaders will as they get new people into the web with their pitch designed to hit emotional triggers, by their marketing dept.

And Dean brought up another valid point and that is- there is money in the Mobile App Industry. That is why we are with Inspired Living Applications

Check out the page on my blog “Join the Revolution”. And past post on iLA.

There are three main ways to join us at iLA:

1. Is free get the app FREE and free means free!

2. Is as a customer 6.95 a month get the app as well as access to the vault to see past apps.

3. And as a paid member 9.95 a month to purchase your own little Inspired Living Applications franchise. See mine hereila sandy metcalf.

There are a few other cost your e-wallet (that is not an iLA cost but, is needed to be paid so is a business cost) each new app (as only the original series is included in your franchise cost of 9.95 a month) if you want additional apps they will cost 9.95 each.

You make money in iLA on people you get on your team who want their own franchise or also on people you get as customers. That is it. NO hidden amounts no need to pull the curtain back as we offer a 20 minute video on how it works not show you the creator’s home or plush limos, as whether or not he has great riches is nothing to do with what you can expect to make, or will make. As that is in your hands.

We do not promise riches nor instant anything. iLA instead gives you the tools to make your business work and advises you to have a 2-4 year plan, as we build because we are not a get rich quick here today gone tomorrow company.

iLA is the first company to marry Network Marking with the App industry and we won’t be the last, people are already copying John Rodgers idea. But we started this and we are the bar that everyone must measure themselves by and it will be hard in this industry to stand as tall as Inspired Living Applications has set. That appealed to us enough to check it out and what we came away with caused me to build a team and is why we came on board.

So what has iLA got to do with the Mobile Money Code?

Nothing and everything! Two companies both relatively new, both with a dream both with an idea on how to make money with the exploding mobile revolution! Interested in riding that wave? Then I invite you to compare and see which one would be right for you. I know iLA, I know the heart of the company and I know the numbers are realistic and doable.

Does that mean I can call the Mobile Money Code a scam? What do you think? Possible? Check out their video  then you tell me?

Also Once you have paid your $49 (pitch-in) for the Mobile Money Code system, you will then see the upsells you can purchase. True it’s completely up to you whether you would like to make those purchases. But they stress to you that these upsells will definitely help you make more money and more quickly!

So Attention! Is the Mobile Money Code a Scam?

Jury’s still out. Some WILL make money, some always do. But will they make such high amounts for so little work and using their code? Would you? I can’t answer that but, Dean added a few more tidbits I would like to leave with you on the Mobile Money Code  from Dean Goncalves

 “The estimated REAL cost of this Don’t disclose software is $4997.00”

Now that is a bit more than 49.00.

“PEOPLE are funny, and DON’T always do what’s right (common sense)… BUT instead ACT on emotion..” “I know some of you will still buy this, even though I’ve been transparent about everything that I DIDN’T like.”

Thanks Dean not, could have said it better myself.

Please let me know what you think about this, and any post. And or if you have questions or comments on the entire site. Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated!

  • And please leave feedback on what you think of my blog or would like to see discussed here LOVE to hear from you
  • See us at IBOSOCIAL too and check out the buzz!!!




Take Care
Sandy Metcalf




Attention! is the Mobile Money Code a Scam?

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